Disclaimer: Only “roll call” votes are recorded.

Disclaimer: Only the attendance of committee members is recorded for committee meetings.

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Person Name E-mailWeb Site
Andrew Owen (D-9) andrew.owen@louisvilleky.gov  
Anthony Piagentini (R-19) Anthony.Piagentini@louisvilleky.gov  
Barbara Shanklin (D-2) Barbara.Shanklin@louisvilleky.gov  
Ben Reno-Weber (D-8)    
Betsy Ruhe (D-21) betsy.ruhe@louisvilleky.gov  
Bill Fischer    
Brandt Ford    
Brent Ackerson (D-26) Brent.Ackerson@louisvilleky.gov  
Catherine Greene    
Cindi Fowler (D-14) Cindi.Fowler@louisvilleky.gov  
Dan Seum, Jr. (R-13) dan.seum@louisvilleky.gov  
David Morgan    
Donna L. Purvis (D-5) Donna.Purvis@louisvilleky.gov  
Doug Magee    
Edith H. Nixon    
Franklin F. Jones    
Gail Morris    
Gary Watrous    
Greg Dawson    
Ishmon F. Burks    
Jan Horton    
Jecorey Arthur (D-4) jecorey.arthur@louisvilleky.gov  
Jeff Brown Jeffrey.Brown@louisvilleky.gov  
Jeff Hudson (R-23) jeff.hudson@louisvilleky.gov  
Jennifer Chappell (D-15) jennifer.chappell@louisvilleky.gov  
Jennifer Schultz    
Jessica Murphy    
Jim Mims James.Mims@louisvilleky.gov  
John Mays    
Kevin Kramer (R-11) Kevin.Kramer@louisvilleky.gov  
Khalil Batshon (R-25) khalil.batshon@louisvilleky.gov  
Kim Leanhart    
Kumar Rashad (D-3) Kumar.Rashad@louisvilleky.gov  
Lisa Ogburn    
Lori Stahlgren    
Lula Howard    
Madonna Flood (D-24) Madonna.Flood@louisvilleky.gov  
Marilyn Belak    
Marilyn Lewis    
Marilyn Parker (R-18) Marilyn.Parker@louisvilleky.gov  
Markus Winkler (D-17) Markus.Winkler@louisvilleky.gov  
Michelle Pennix    
Pam Vetter    
Pat Mulvihill (D-10) Patrick.Mulvihill@louisvilleky.gov  
Patti Clare    
Paula McCraney (D-7) Paula.McCraney@louisvilleky.gov  
Pete Kirven    
Phil Samuel    
Phillip J. Levy    
Phillip T. Baker (D-6) Phillip.Baker@louisvilleky.gov  
Ray Schindler    
Richard Buttorff    
Richard Carlson    
Rick Blackwell (D-12) Rick.Blackwell@louisvilleky.gov  
Robert Frazier    
Robert Kirchdorfer Robert.Kirchdorfer@louisvilleky.gov  
Robin Engel (R-22) jared.townes@louisvilleky.gov  
Scott Reed (R-16) scott.reed@louisvilleky.gov  
Sharon Bond    
Stephen Peterson    
Steve Rose    
Stuart Benson (R-20) Stuart.Benson@louisvilleky.gov  
Suzanne Cheek    
Tammy Hawkins (D-1) tammy.hawkins@louisvilleky.gov  
TeAndre Sistrunk    
Yani Vozos